EMP – The Sum of All My Fears!

PPS. EMP - The Threat! The threat of an EMP is the sum of all my fears here's why. The idea that an EMP—an electro-magnetic-pulse-weapon—could be used against the United states is a very real one, as both North Korea and Iran has nuclear capabilities. Both countries are developing missiles that can reach us and while most of us were watching the Super Bowl, the North Koreans were sending a satellite into space. Why should we be concerned? Simply put if the North Koreans under Kim Yong Un attach a small nuclear device to a satellite and send it over the heartland, let’s say Oklahoma city and detonate it 200 miles over the surface of the earth. The explosion would create an EMP and the results would be catastrophic. Everything with an on and off switch would cease to work. In short everyone living in the affected area would be living in pre-industrial revolution times. Cars, refrigerators,toasters, cell phones,heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, essentially our way of life would be gone in a flash. Millions would die within the first few weeks and anarchy would ensue. Remember what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? There are those countries with leaders who hate America, the freedoms we enjoy. There are those whose radical ideology would relish in the thought of wiping us out. Think of the Mullahs in Iran, or Kim Yong Un, in North Korea, or what if ISIS, or some other terrorists group would somehow be able to put a small nuclear device with a rocket into a retrofitted oil tanker. Then, sail it into the Gulf of Mexico and launch it? In my opinion this is a very plausible scenario and one that we are ill equipped to deal with. We were at a restaurant last night having dinner after retuning from the Dallas conference. As we were eating a delightful dinner the power went off. The restaurant was plunged into darkness. The exhaust fans in the kitchen stopped working and soon there was smoke everywhere. I asked our waiter to bring another candle to our table and we continued to eat our dinner, more or less unfazed by what was going on. People began to leave and our waiter informed us that our meal was on the house. We finished and then left and it was still light when we got outside. The power outage had affected the traffic signals and cars were backed up for miles. There was nothing going on except a power outage and yet, some people panicked. Others were less than courteous blocking intersections in their effort to get out grid-lock which actually made the grid-lock worse. There is a thin veneer of civility that holds our culture our civilization together, and when events happen that create chaos that veneer is stripped away. Think about it, why are there police departments in every city? It is because the heart of man is deceitfully wicked… which is a statement most of us don’t want to hear. An EMP is a very real threat and we can prepare for it by stock piling food and water, medicine and survival items to help us get through the event. We cover this in both the Days of Chaos book and Watchers 9, Days of Chaos. Arm yourself with information!