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Fatima Miracle of the Sun - PPS Report

I’m about to release our third film in the WATCHMAN CHRONICLES SERIES – Fatima 2 – Strange Phenomenon. We visited Portugal last year and spent two weeks talking to researchers and experts. What we discovered differs greatly from the official narrative. We also found what we would consider a “smoking gun!”


Venezuela Update! PP&S Report March 22, 2018

L.A. weighs in on the crisis unfolding in Venezuela. LA Interviews a source living down in Venezuela and talks about what is happening every day on the streets in Venezuela. Hyperinflation, food shortage, people dying daily for lack of medicine… The reality is unfathomable. The only way to grasp it is to go and live there. L.A. shows pictures of every day life in Venezuela. This is what we see when socialists take over a country. From prosperity to poverty.