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Acceleration Radio November 8th, 2017

L. A. Marzulli
Prophecy From the BLOG. Can we trust this? The Texas Shooter… Should we Expect More Events like this?

Super Volcano on RED Alert.

Middle-East War? Saudi Arabia vs. Iran? Shia vs. Sunni…

Do UFOs Hide in the Clouds? Fatima 2: Strange Phenomenon.

Second Half Hour! Special Guest Pastor Matt Fisher. We will be discussing the Deep State, Pedo-Gate, The rigged Democratic Primary, Donna Brazile and Seth Rich, The Revolt in Saudi Arabia and much more!

Acceleration Radio October 30th, 2017

Acceleration Radio October 30th, 2017

L.A. Marzulli discusses the recent attack in NY City…

1. Vegas Shooting Update!

2. Why I hate Halloween.

3. UFO Report.

4. The Real Fascists – Better Wake up!

5. JFK Assassination The Bullet throughout the Windshield

Acceleration Radio October 24th, 2017

Acceleration Radio October 24th, 2017

L. A. Marzulli is somewhere in Louisiana. He weighs in on North Korea and threat of an EMP. Roger’s UFO Encounter that he saw with his mother who still after decades will not talk about it. Fatima, the fourth witness that went under the radar for decades. www.thewatchmanchronicles.com


Roger's UFO Encounter!

Roger tells L. A. Marzulli about his UFO encounter with a UFO that he saw with his mother. He was 5 years old at the time and it left a lasting impression on him. His mother still won’t talk about it… UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away! www.thewatchmanchronicles.com