America’s Stone Henge Part 2 – Episode 22

America's Stone Henge Part 2 - Episode 22

This video is about #22 America’s Stone Henge
America Stonehedge 2

In PPS report #21 we discussed America’s Stonehenge.
What you saw in our show was our initial impressions of America Stonehenge.

We pointed out the summer solstice standing stone and how when Kesley Stone drew a line from the center of America’s Stone Henge out to the Summer Solstice Standing Stone that line, when extended, ran through the Center Trilithon at Stonehenge England and folks that’s not a coincidence.

We also discussed the sacrificial table at the site and as I pointed out it certainly is much larger than what would be needed to sacrifice a deer on.

The grooves of the side of the stone-slab seem to be put there to catch the blood and have it run off to be collected. There’s also a secret chamber underneath the table.

Why we were there we had the incredible good fortune of sitting down with Dennis Stone the owner of America’s Stonehenge he inherited it from his grandfather who bought the property decades ago.

The stone family has spent much of their time and dedication to the preservation of the site.

Dennis gave us an aim depth interview about the enigmatic site.

Journey with us now and explore America’s Stone Henge…