Monthly Archives: September 2019

Censorship! 1984 FOLKS! - Acceleration Radio Sept. 19, 2019

L. A. discusses the ongoing censorship of Google, Youtube, Facebook and recently Twitter as a gentleman came up at the Branson conference showing L. A. what he gets every time he receives a tweet from the intrepid host. Censorship is real and it’s being applied to people like me who have Christian, conservative voices. What are “they” so afraid of!

Socialism DOES NOT WORK - Interview with Venezuelan Pastor - PP&S Report

L. A. interviews a pastor from the dystopian nightmare that is now Venezuela. Essentially nothing works…nothing. Venezuela was once a prosperous nation until socialism was introduced. Now its people are fleeing by the tens of thousands to find a better life. Bernie, AOC, and others of their ilk, should spend two weeks in Venezuela and then come back and tell us all about it… If only. Please consider giving to