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  • Woolsey Fire and the Aftermath – The Marzulli’s Home Burned to the Ground

    Woolsey Fire and the Aftermath – The Marzulli’s Home Burned to the Ground

    Donate & More information on the fire here: https://lamarzulli.net/marzulli-fire-relief-fund.php **UPDATE Nov 17th** We lost an estimated $50,000+ in inventory (inventory was not insured). So thank you so much to everyone who has donated or prayed or shared our fundraiser. We’re moving forward! We’re bumping up the goal a little bit to help cover the inventory loss. Friday, November 16. Peggy and I are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and financial aid that so many of you have given. We have rented a house in Thousand Oaks and are buying furniture. Our dogs are still in the kennel but we hope to get our furry friends out by Sunday. One day at a time for the moment. We have lost all of our books and DVD’s that were stored in our garage. In other words, all our inventory is gone. Picking up the pieces and we hope to get up and rolling in a few weeks. We’ll see. L.A.Read More »


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