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  • UFO Disclosure and the Mark of the BEAST! 666

    UFO Disclosure and the Mark of the BEAST! 666

    L. A. discusses the recent Tucker Carlson interview with Luis Elizondo who revealed that the US Government has, in their possession, wreckage from a UFO! Where is all this going? L. A. tells us as he discusses the implant removal from “Bill” who was abducted and implanted when he was 5 years old. The implications are staggering as the implant may be a prototype of the mark of the beast!Read More »


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The history of North America is much more complex than the traditionally-accepted history being presented within mainstream academia. Rather than explore significant issues and contradictions within the traditional narrative, however, many within the academic establishment are attempting to deny, ridicule, and in some instances outright destroy evidence that suggests an ancient and highly-developed civilization once roamed the hills and valleys of what is now the United States. L.A. Marzulli asks the hard questions and exposes the profound reality that the ancient Native Americans were not alone.
– Mark Conn

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